Honda CG125 Review

Honda CG125 - What is it? 

Honda CG125 has been the king of bikes for a number of years. It would not be wrong to say that it is the most loved motor cycle, at least in Pakistan. It is perfect for the city ride and it beats other bikes in many ways. When we talk about the built with economy in bikes category, the first thing that comes to the mind is Honda 125. The modifications that we see in this beast over the years are fascinating and the performance has never been compromised. This is the thing that sets Honda apart from other manufacturers. Honda has produced a number of bikes for different economy groups and this bike is best for average income group who also wants to enjoy the thrill on road. Another advancement in 2019 is the Euro II technology introduced in the engine that offers the bike owners with a better mileage and overall experience.

Honda 125

How does Honda CG125 ride? 

Honda CG 125 comes with a 4 stroke OHV air cooled engine that is fitted in the body which has not changed a lot in recent years. Suspension of this bike come with telescopic fork 103 mm travel in the front side and swing arm 68 mm travel at the rear side. This is good to handle the dry weight of around 100kgs. If you have a model after 2005, you would see a significant change in the performance however overall shape of the bike in Pakistan is almost same to the one that was introduced back in 1976. Riders claim this bike to be the best of all on roads in a busy city. This bike is easy to maintain as the spare parts are economical and easily available. Ride of this bike is extremely comfortable especially if a person above 80kg rides it, otherwise a little vibration is seen at high speed. Seat placement is perfect and you would not get tired on a long route, even in the city. Seat height is around 771mm which is more than good for a relaxed ride. 

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Anything else I should know about CG125?

Normal bike is a kick start but a new variant of CG 125 has been introduced by Atlas Honda which comes with a self-start option. This variant is a little pricy as compared to the other variant due to the added feature. This variant has a 5 gear manual transmission and comes in the same color options i.e. red and black. Tires of this bike are exceptional with front tire being 2.50 - 18 (4 PR) and the back tire being 3.00 - 17 (6 PR). Petrol tank of CG 125 has a capacity of 9.2 liters and a regular reserve of 2 Liters. 

Honda CG125  Black Review

Why should I buy one?

If you want to stay a little above the regular bike owners with a style, this bike is definitely made for you. This is not that expensive as heavy bikes but it feels much better than the regular 70cc bikes. Performance of the bike has proven its excellence and a lot of people have good reviews about this product! If you are fond of bikes and wand to stay light on the pocket as well, you must go for this motorcycle that would give pleasure and would be economical at the same time. 

Where does it fit in? 

This is a simple machine when we compare it to other similar 125cc bikes manufactured by international companies. In Pakistan, its competitors are Road prince 125 and united 125. But a recent competitor Yamaha YBR 125 has challenged the bike in many ways because of the built style and looks. Despite of the competition in the market, Honda CG 125 is still able to maintain its share of market.  Honda Pakistan Prices can be seen in our New Bike Section.


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