Ravi Motorcycle Certified and Approved by the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) & the Pakistan Engineering Development Board (EDB).  Great quality motorcycle available all across Pakistan at reasonable price.

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Ravi Hamsafar Plus 70 Ravi Hamsafar Plus 70 2
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Ravi Hamsafar Plus 70 Price in Pakistan, Rating, Reviews and Pictures

Ravi Hamsafar Plus 70
Ravi 70cc bike is manufactured in Pakistan, highly popular local brand in Pakistan. The competitors of this new 70cc motorbike Ravi in Pakistan are Honda CD70 2018, ZXMCO ZX70 and many other companies 70cc engine motorbikes.  key features includes;  Competitive price  Fuel efficient engine  Durable build quality  Available in grey, red, black and blue color
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