Motorcycle Jacket 101

When you drive motorcycle, the most important thing is the protective clothing you wear. Among the protective clothes, jackets and trousers are the most important. There are a number of materials and qualities that are used in the manufacture of these protective gears. These are not only important to combat with accidents that are more immune to happen on a bike ride as compared to cars but they would also save you from extreme weather conditions. These protective gears are also water resistant to help you get through the rain if you face any during your travel. 

How to combat harsh conditions on a motorcycle ride?

When we drive a motorcycle, it is very much possible that we come across through conditions which are not under our control. These might include weather and road conditions. Therefore, compromise should never be made on the quality of the gears and always 1st class products should be bought to avoid any dangerous outcomes. There are many cheap quality products available in the market, and are also styled in the same manner as they are of highest quality. Shopkeepers often deceive by printing brand logos on them and this the point where you should keep yourself aware of the right and wrong. If you are not capable of choosing the right product you should always take consultation otherwise try to buy from an authentic place. 

Motorcycle Leather Jackets

When we look at the material in which jackets are made, leather is no doubt the most favorite of all. It is not only classy but also protects the biker if it is made the right way. From times, leather is considered to be the best product to be used to make jackets that are tough enough to resist challenges faced by a biker. With the advent of technology, there are certain new materials that are even more resistant than leather. Jackets should be capable of saving your chest in case of any accident. This is the most essential protective gear because protecting the upper portion is very important. Similar is the case with trousers. Obviously it is easier to wear a jeans when riding a bike but it would never give you enough security that is required while riding a bike. It is recommended to wear abrasion resistant material with extra protection in the knee area to save you from any accidents. 

 Example:  Few Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle Textile jackets: 

Textile garment is recommended in this case and rider must wear jackets which are tight at the ankles and wrists. It is very important to wear tight stuff while you are racing, your booths and gloves should be tightly intact. These are lighter in weight as compared to leather jackets and are better in ventilation. Leather would never save you from rain but a textile jacket would definitely!

 Motorcycle Jacket Textile PakistanOneal Motorcycle Biker Jacket

Biker Mesh jackets: 

Mesh jackets are cheaper of them all. These are made up of the lightest fabrics when we compare all the jackets for riders. These jackets are best to wear in summer especially when you are going for a long ride. Not only protecting you from heat, these jackets would definitely help you ride for a longer time without hassle because of their easy to go nature. 


Riding bikes for a tourism purpose? 

Here things are a little different. You should not wear tight gears and should prefer jackets which are comfortable on longer rides. Apart from safety, tourism jackets should also be more functional as compared to racing jackets. However, these should also include safety armors which are ready to protect in case of accidents. There are removable waterproof linings which can be attached to these jackets. These are meant to be used in harsh conditions of weather and the removable feature allows you to dry them up to be reused. 


it is not possible to reach a single conclusion in respect of motorcycle jacket choice. Some people prefer textile material on leathers because of the safety it offers but some are still in favor of leather jackets because of the style and comfort they offer.  We suggest to have look at few of motorcycle jackets and make your ride a memory!


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