Motorcycle Helmets - 101

Motorcycle Helmets-these are one of the most important things that you need to wear while riding a bike. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is like playing with your life for no reason. It should not be the question whether I should wear a helmet or not, in fact the question should be what type of helmet would be best for me? There are a number of different types of helmets each with different shape and for different purpose. You should know the helmet that would best fit your need before you make a purchase. In this article we would throw light on some of the basic features that these different types of helmet possesses. If you select a wrong helmet, you might end up having an uncomfortable ride which would in turn put you in a situation where you might consider wearing no helmet at all! 

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full face motorcycle helmets are the most common helmets that are used. They cover full head, and ¾ of your face. Only your eyes are not covered which are covered through a strong plastic called the visor. The only problem with these helmets is the ventilation. If you close the visor, ventilation is not that good and you need to open it up to get a comfortable breath. If you want full safety and you drive at a high speed, this helmet is a good option but the only thing that you would need to take care about would be the ventilation ducts. Those should be placed properly to let you breathe even when the lid is closed. 

Open Face Motorcycle Helmets 

The open face helmets that are designed to ride on a relatively slow speed. As the name suggests, these helmets do not cover the face. They cover all sides of head but face is completely uncover even the visor is not that big to cover whole face. This is to give you an airy feel when you are travelling in a good weather. If the weather conditions are not normal, then this helmet would definitely be a problem! In that case you would need to cover your face with something in order to protect it from the severe weather conditions. 

Modular or Flip Helmets

Modular helmets are in between full face and open face helmets. There are apparently full face and cover everything including the chin but they are able to be opened up and in that situation they would look like an open face helmet. This design is especially for those people who do a lot of other stuff while riding bike e.g. eating and smoking. This is also convenient when you have to talk to the passenger! 

Off road helmets:

They are just like full face helmets but with a different shape. They have an angular shape at the chin. These are expensive then full face because these are usually used by the dirt bikers and these races are performed in warm weather. Bikers therefore need more ventilation and they need to wear low weight products so they can be used for a longer time. 


Half helmets: 

These helmets do not cover even you full head but it does not mean that they are not strong or would not protect you. They would protect you during an accident but obviously not to the level of a full face helmet. These helmets are in particular famous with the riders who like to ride vintage bikes. While purchasing the half helmets, you should put strong emphasis on the quality of the helmet because it is seen that the most substandard products are seen in this category. 


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