Safety Tips for Bikers

This is something that every biker hears in his life that motorcycles are not as safe as cars. But let’s agree that they are super cool and bring out your inner bad ass. They help us get our swag on and how many of us aren’t inspired and motivated by all those biker movies? Leather jackets, tattoos, bandannas, ripped jeans, who wouldn’t want to pull of this biker look?

While the idea of rocking the bad ass attitude is appealing, there is a “Don’t try this at home boys” label attached to the motorcycle so don’t go roaring that thing like you are in Sons of Anarchy. Here are precautions that every biker should take:

Wear a helmet

I know wearing a motorbike helmet hinders the process of being cool. But safety first boys! Make it a habit of wearing a helmet whenever riding your bikes. We need to avoid head injuries that are the main cause of death for bike riders. Let’s face it we can-not always get lucky and cheat death.

Make sure your helmet fits you properly and is of the right type. It should cover most of your head and comes with a chin strap. Take lesson from your favorite biker movie, even they are wearing helmets (in some scenes).

Ride your skills

As much as we strive to be cool and confident we should never cross the thin line between being confident and being over confident. No matter for how long you have been riding never ever go off limits. Better ride within your skills.

The road is always too long

One thing we need to accept is compared to cars bikes do not have back rests and no matter where you are headed the road seems too long make sure you are sitting in proper position. Always check if your seat is comfortable enough for you to travel.

Avoid distraction

When riding solo people tend to get distracted easily. Try to avoid distractions. Never receive a call while riding a bike. This is a general rule of life! But bikes are more prone to damage and the risks are high.

Maintain your space

Something that most of the riders forget to do is maintaining their space with the traffic. Keep a safe distance from other cars and bikes. Why deliberately hurt yourself when you can err on the side of caution.

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Check for the weather

Before heading out always check the weather. As its super-hot these days keep yourself hydrated. If it’s raining make sure to ride safe at a slow speed to avoid accidents.

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