Honda CB150F Review

CB150F is a blend of design and performance. Before going in the depth off features let us talk about the design of the bike. The design is both comfortable and stylish. When you look at the bike, you no doubt find it as a modern vehicle and the design allows you a perfect posture for your backbone. Looking at the fuel tank you get to see designer graphics with a sporty look. Honda calls it as pleasure to passion and this slogan perfectly goes with the design of the bike. 

How does CB150F ride?

You get a pleasant ride without sacrificing any passion for your motorcycles. It is neither a low end bike nor you can consider it as a heavy bike. In this price range you cannot get a more balanced product than this. Height of seat is sufficient for a tall person to sit in a relaxed posture i.e. 766mm. This bike offers a good ground clearance and you would not feel uncomfortable while driving a bit off-road. 

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Honda CB150F Motorcycle Review Prices

Anything else I should know about Honda CB150F?

Engine is 4 stroke SOCH air cooled 150cc with a 5 speed manual noncyclic transmission. It offers you a self-start which is a must feature for upcoming motorcycles.  Fuel tank is 13.0 liters and the bike offers a mileage better than Honda 125Deluxe. While looking at the suspension, one can say by looking at the design that it must offer a good suspension and this is truth. At the front we see 107mm telescopic fork suspension and at the back there is swing arm 91mm suspension. The sound of the bike is much controlled and ultimately giving a very pleasant experience during the ride. The engine balancer works so perfect that footrest feels extremely soft and you feel like the engine is off even during the trip. Noise of the bike is much controlled due to the aerodynamic and stylish muffler exhaust. We do not see such an exhaust in any other bike in this price group. 

Honda CB 150F Grey Review

The speedometer is very well designed and it gives more information than any other bike compared in the league. It has a fuel gauge which is a must have in nowadays bikes. It has a wireless tachometer that makes it different from other motorcycles. Front lights are white fog lights LED and they are good to be used as parking lights as well. 

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Honda CB150F  Review

Why should I buy CB 150F?

While looking at the specifications of tires, we see a Z section die casted alloy rim that adds to the beauty of this vehicle. Front tire is 80/100 with 18M/C and back tire is 90/90 with 18M/C. Brakes a really impressive with a very good quality front disk brakes having dual piston calipers of 240mm.  Maintenance of this bike is considerably low, it has a low maintenance viscous air filter that makes it very easy to take care of your ride. If you are a city rider, this bike is perfect for you as it offers a perfect combination of speed, acceleration and fuel efficiency. 

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